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Welcome to Quarry Hill Home

I always wanted a house in Nantucket. We, rather I,  looked for years until one sad Saturday morning leaving ACK via the Steamship Authority. As we were hurling our pennies at Brant Point Lighthouse to ensure a safe return to the island I got a tap on my shoulder.   Knowing how hard this was going to be for me, my husband gently yet with authority explained that he felt there were 3 people (remember Charles, Diana and Camilla) in our marriage. I had indeed become obsessed, and was convinced  Nantucket had  chosen me and my obsession was out of my control and justified.   At that point, it became crystal clear we were going to have to find a  home that better expressed the passions and interest of everyone in our family of five, not just me.

So in 2006 with our 50th birthdays approaching, Scott and I decided to scratch the itch again and began searching for the right location for a second home. This time no boats or planes please, but a car drive hopefully under 3 hours.

If you grew up in Virginia, in-state vacations take you in one of two directions, the beach or the mountains. Though Nantucket is definitely a beach location, we are definitely mountain people.   We were well aware of The Homestead Resort located in the heart of the Allegheny Highlands and always knew the region was a good place to start. Bath County is the most luscious and beautiful County in Virginia. The populations pops out around 5,000 and there is not a single fast food restaurant or stoplight. It is where all the magic starts.

I always thought it pretentious to name your house, but ours came with one so it stuck. To cover the particulars, Quarry Hill is a 1928 French Palladian home – classic Normandy storybook architecture through and through. When you are visiting Quarry Hill you are in France. Restoring this home and its gardens to  full grandeur has been one my of life’s greatest gifts. Not completely because of it’s intense beauty, but for the gifts it has given our family and the assurance of the memories past and those to come.

Quarry Hill Home is a lifestyles site. I will take you on trips throughout the world from Machu Picchu to Krakow, and give you suggestions on how to plan them yourself.    We will get dirty in my garden from its inception to its never-ending completion, and then visit gardens both petite and grand,  professionally designed or created from a simple  love of gardening.  I know you will  enjoy learning about Quarry Hill’s rich history and its rather famous lineage connecting it to the Gilded Age of Newport,  Fifth Avenue and Somerset Hills, New Jersey. We had a wedding in August 2014 and it all happened at Quarry Hill from the Rehearsal Dinner to Wedding  and Reception. I will share it all with you, especially the highs…… and even a few lows.   And just like Oprah, I will share My Favorite Things.  Anything from A to Z and I’ll want you to share yours with me!




2 thoughts on “About Quarry Hill Home

  1. Congratulations on your launch, Kathe! Easter in Austria – who knew? I am looking forward to following along on your blogging journey and getting lots of travel inspiration. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your stunning Quarry Hill, too.


  2. As someone who has had the pleasure of being a guest of the beautiful Hetzer family at this spectacular home, I can’t wait to see and learn about the journey of restoring this treasure back to it’s glory! I will live through you with all the travel ideas and tips….still have one more in the nest so getting far away is not happening for me right now. Congrats Kathe and thanks for including me on your blog! xox


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